Chemaf Commissions HMS I



CHEMAF commissioned a Heavy Media Separation (HMS) plant for enrichment of copper and cobalt metal values in the Run-of-Mine (ROM) ore. The HMS plant has been set up at the Etoile mine site with installed capacity for treatment of 100 tonnes/hour ROM ore feed to produce ~18 tonnes/hour of copper and cobalt rich concentrate. The concentrate produced by the HMS plant is treated in CHEMAF's processing plant at Usoke (in Lubumbashi town), for conversion into copper cathodes and cobalt product.

Heavy Media Separation is a mineral beneficiation technique for concentration / enrichment of desirable metal values in the ore. HMS involves treating the crushed and screened ore in a liquid media, which is a mixture of fine ferro-silicon powder in a slurry of water. The specific density of the media slurry is so maintained as to allow the low density gangue material to float and the other high density useful minerals to sink. The sink product is copper and cobalt rich concentrate.

The plant facilities include crushers, scrubber, screens and standard DMS module. The crushed and sized ore is mixed with ferro-silicon medium and pumped to DMS cyclones for separation into sinks(concentrate) and floats (tailings). The technology and plant was supplied by a specialist engineering and equipment supply company from South Africa. The plant construction at site was carried out by CHEMAF's project team and was completed in scheduled time HMS plant was inaugurated on 11th July 2008, and is successfully operating.

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