Working in the DRC

DRC Mining Sector and Mining Code

The DRC is endowed with vast natural resources and enormous mineral wealth. Its soil is reputed to contain every mineral listed on the periodic table. Copper is found in a 140-mile by 30-mile strip that fans out from Katanga into neighboring Zambia and is known as the copper belt. The mining sector is expected to play an important role in the recovery of the DRC from war and social disruption experienced in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

In June 2003, the Government of the DRC adopted a new mining code aimed at improving investment in the country's mineral resource industry. This mining code was developed with the support of the World Bank and is based on best practice examples from other mineral-rich countries (namely Chile and Zambia). This new mining code provides a transparent framework for the exploration, development and mining of mineral resources.

Under this mining code, Shalina Resources applied for and successfully acquired the Permis de Recherche (Exploration Permits) to a number of strategic sites located across the province of Katanga. As one of the first companies to start processing of minerals after the war, Shalina Resources has demonstrated the capacity to establish successful mining operations in the DRC. The mining sector is considered key to the recovery of the DRC. More than 90% of Shalina Resources employees are DRC nationals and the company is committed to continuing in this manner.

Copper Resources by Country:

Source: Brook Hunt – A Wood Mackenzie Company 2009

Copper Resources by Country

Cobalt Reserves by Country

Source: United States Geological Survey 2009

Cobalt Reserves by Country