Flotation Concentrator and Roaster

The introduction of a flotation concentrator and roaster form a core part of the growth plan of the company, as it allows the processing of the significant sulphide ores in the Etoile mine. A Life of Mine and process engineering feasibility study has been completed by African Mining Consultants Ltd, which includes a review of testwork, basic engineering and tenders received from EPCM contractors.

Shalina Resources is currently concentrating oxide ores using heavy media separation plants HMS I and HMS II at the Etoile mine. This feed is then further refined at the Usoke plant to produce copper cathodes and cobalt salt.

The LOM plan shows that within a few years, layers of mixed and then sulphide ore will be reached. Using pyro-metallurgical techniques, sulphide concentrate (from the flotation plant) will be converted to oxides (in the roaster) and treated at the Usoke hydrometallurgical plant.