Working in the DRC

Macroeconomic Overview

In parallel with the political stability, the country's economic performance has improved. In 2002 after the foreign troops withdrew from large portions of the country the government began attracting international investors. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank have helped the government develop its economic plan and implement reforms.

A significant percentage of the GDP is expounded in unregulated businesses. President Kabila has been working to strengthen core businesses while regulating illegal businesses. Renewed activity in the mining sector has helped stabilize the Country's balance sheets. GDP growth was 6.2% in 2008 as the population continues to see high population growth rates. As the country matures there is more influx of foreign investment, particularly as a result of its extensive natural resources. With continued investment there is increasing interest to invest. The mining infrastructure is secure and reliable, with major ports access through Tanzania, Luanda, Angola and Pointe Noire, Congo and an extensive rail network to ensure timely delivery of products.