Operations Overview

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7
Mining Ores and Concentrates Crushing and Milling Leaching Copper SX Copper EW Cobalt Precipitation

Stage 1

  • Etoile is an open pit mine with Copper (2.55%) and Cobalt (0.35%).
  • Current mining is at the oxide level and will reach the mixed ores and sulphide levels in a couple of years.
  • Mining at Mufunta will begin in 2015.

Stage 2

Ores and Concentrates
  • The oxides from Etoile are fed into a heavy media separation plant for enrichment of copper and cobalt.
  • This concentrate is the feed for the Usoke Copper SX/EW factory.

Stage 3

Crushing and Milling
  • Crushing: Facilitates flow of sticky material through the circuit by washing/screening of fines and delivering them to the leach feed tanks.
  • Milling: Produces ore slurry of desired particle size by milling of crushed ore , where required, from crushing section.
  • Pre-Leach Concentration: Enhances acid recovery and concentrates cobalt bleed stream by de-watering milled slurry and thereby reduces operating cost.

Stage 4

  • Helps to increase the residence time for better leaching efficiencies of Copper and Cobalt.
  • CCDs: Improves the post leach solid- liquid separation with better washing efficiency to increase recover y of metals.
  • Clarification Polishes off residual solids from leached liquor for better performance of Copper SX plant.

Stage 5

Copper SX
  • Extracts copper from the high grade leached liquor generated in the split circuit.
  • Copper concentrate in solution after removal of impurities is then sent for electro-winning (EW)

Stage 6

Copper EW
  • Produces LME-A grade Copper cathode.

Stage 7

Cobalt Precipitation
  • Acid Neutralization: Neutralizes the acid present in the cobalt bleed stream
  • Cobalt Precipitation with MgO: Produces good quality of Cobalt Hydroxide