Chemaf Commissions SAP II


SAP II - Commissioning

A plant producing 500 tons of acid per day utilizing sulphur as raw material has been constructed at Etoile Mines. The acid production process selected is contact process followed by Double Conversion and Double Absorption (DCDA).

The aim was to meet growing internal requirement of sulphuric acid for treating enriched Copper- Cobalt ores from the company's HMS II plant. This backward integration further strengthens the aim to increase production of copper metal to 30,000 tonnes per annum from the company's Usoke Ave Copper SX-EW plant.

Sulphuric Acid Plant - News

Detailed design, supply and construction of the acid plant started in October, 2007. Construction of the project was completed by inhouse Congolese teams and was completed in Q3 2010. Within a short period of one week, cold commissioning and hot commissioning was completed and the plant started producing acid on 26th July, 2010.

This successful step ensures self reliance for a major consumable and reduces requirement to transport hazardous liquids long distances.

In addition to meeting our internal requirements, we are also selling acid to other consumers in DRC now.

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