CSR Awardt



On 21st May 2011, Shalina Polyclinic and Eye Clinic was awarded a trophy in recognition of the services rendered to the people of Katanga. The award was given by the government organization Generation Impact Médias, which is recognized by governor of Katanga Moïse Katumbi.

Since early 2008, Shalina Eye Clinic provides free eye care services mainly for poor people who otherwise could not afford treatment. There is emphasis on using the latest techniques in eye care for both medical and surgical treatment. Shalina Eye Clinic conducts free camps in and around Lubumbashi reaching as far as 300 km from the base hospital (not that easy considering lack of roads). Patients are diagnosed at the camps and where possible medical treatment is given there itself. In the event surgery is required such as cataract removal patients are brought to the hospital at Lubumbashi. Their transport and food and all other requirements are taken care of by the Shalina Foundation.

The award has been received by Dr. Andre Kabulo – Medical Director of Shalina Eye and Poly Clinic and Dr Prajod Padmalay our resident eye surgeon.

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